Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Henry Camphor: Learn to love Yourself

I am amazed at the reports of people saying they don't love themselves. I really think that many times we listen to the world too much. The world tells us you are too fat, you are too skinny, you need this gaget or you need that gaget. What tends to happens is if we can't keep up with the latest trends we get disappointed and feel like we don't measure up. It's like we have missed the big mark and don't belong.

People are in their nature, cruel. Humans like to exclude people and make themselves something bigger than they are. This is a fallen humanity. Selfish in its core. Humans like to put people down and oppress them. Many humans like to eternally punish others for mistakes made or mistakes percieved to have been made while they want to experience forgiveness for their mistakes. There are those individuals who want to be relieved of their debts all the while they want to keep others indebted to them. It's really crazy but that is how it is.

If we don't love us who will? If we don't learn to love ourselves no one will truly love us. We have got to understand that no matter how badly you made a mess of your life, you do not deserve to be punished for the rest of your life. No matter how many rejections you have had, that does not mean you deserve to be eternally rejected. If you have been abandoned, does not mean you deserve to be continually abandoned. If you have made mistakes, you don't need to be punished, banished or looked down on for the rest of your life because of something that happened five, ten years or even twenty years ago. Forgive yourself, forgive others and move on and love yourself.

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