Friday, September 30, 2011

Henry Camphor: Making A World of Difference.

I have learned that I can make a world of difference if I take my eyes off my own failures and flaws and if I stop looking at the failures and flaws of others. It's interesting that when we focus on ourselves we tend to eventually point the finger at others and see all the negative in others. That's because life is like a mirror. If I don't like something in you it may be because it's what is in me. I have found that if I have eyes to see beauty and value in people I tend to see that in me. It's funny but the way we choose to see others and ourselves can make the world of difference.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Henry Camphor: Does It Ever Get Any Better? (Poem)

Does it ever get any better? Does the light ever shine at the beginning of the tunnel? Does the cookie never crumble? Does the s__t ever not hit the fan? Does the ball ever bounce the other way? I wonder about things, you know, life. I hear all the negative, all the bad, all the weak, all the sad. Does it ever get any better? Why is it that people are more open to hear gossip and lies then truth? Why is it that to share good news is not as exciting as sharing bad news? Why does it seem that many people want to hurt rather than heal, hate as opposed to love and destroy instead of build? Does it ever get any better? Should we not treat others as we want to be treated? Wouldn't it be nice to consider someone else and their well being as opposed to the self centered attitudes we tend to find today? Can I love others without being hated for doing so? Can I share my life without being looked at in a negative way? Why do people not speak when they pass someone on the street? Why do people see the pain of another and decide to make their pain more painful? If we were an immigrant would we not want to be accepted? Don't all of us want to be accepted? Don't we all want to be loved, embraced and respected? Does it ever get any better? Is it the blind leading the blind? Is it the strong kicking the weak where the sun don't shine? Will the kite fly without the wind? Can a man enter heaven laced with sin? Can a song be sang without the voice? How then can we be a nation without compassion? Where have we gone wrong? How wrong have we gone? Wealth and riches, have led us astray. Power and prestige have derailed our train. Righteous and justice, peace and truth have been laid to rest. Seems we have flunked and failed our finals test. Funny it doesn't matter if you do your best, cause it doesn't get much better than this.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Henry Camphor: Finish it

This is what I am doing right now. I am finishing this day up. Putting the fine tune to it and about to call it quits. I feel good when I finish the day strong having done all I planned to do. But sometimes I really don't finish the day having to work well into the next day. Not tonight, I've found that it's not that serious. So, I am going to finish this day even if I don't think I'm finished. After all, who says if I am finished or not? Guess it's me since I work for me. So with that, I'm finished!

Henry Camphor: Get Ready!!!

Get ready, get ready, get ready. You might ask, "Ready for what?" Ready for what ever you have been thinking about. I have come to the conclusion that all that is in my life today is a result of the belief system that I hold to. Now, I am the first to tell you I believe this and I believe that. But what I believe may not be walked out or manifested. For example, I believe in prosperity. So then why am I not balling out of control (Extremely Prosperous)? It is because of the disconnect between belief and action. Yesterday I took a leap forward from my belief to taking action based on my belief. I am not alone in this for I have talked to many people who are in the same rut I was in. Past tense because yesterday I came out. So with this...get ready to come out of your rut and live your beliefs with actions.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Henry Camphor: Late Night Dinner

I know it's late but I have to finish these ribs. Last night I made some beef ribs for the first time in my life. I put those bad boys in the oven with the heat at 380 degrees. Yummy! It's cool to do something new and different. try it and see. Step out the comfort zone and cook up something you never cooked before. Even if it is a late night dinner, try it, you just may find that tasty place.

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Henry Camphor: Sharing My Life

How many times have you wanted to give a gift but did not know what to give? Have you ever considered giving yourself? Have you ever thought of sharing your experiences, your hopes and dreams? The life of a person is priceless. No matter what you have gone through in your life it is of great value. For one, no one has had the exact same experiences as you with the same responses and outcomes. The lessons learned, successes and failures. You are a diamond. Your words and very essence of your heart is priceless. Second, when you are gone so will the wealth unless you leave it behind in the heart and mind of someone or it is cataloged on video or audio of some sort. This is what I am up to, this is my quest. To create enough digital work that my very heart is given to make a difference in the life of anyone who partakes. Yes, this is my gift to humanity, as is.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello World: Introduction to Henry Camphor

Hello friends, I have launched a new radio broadcast called The Henry Camphor Show I will talk a little about my book, " Brighter Days." It is a book of poems with meaning for today and will encourage you to move forward. Also I will address my passions for the community such as reviving the small business economy, advancing education, empowering women and raising the poor out of poverty. Tell your friends to listen to
Hello World: Introduction to Henry Camphor and you will not be disappointed but rather you will be entertained, informed and enlightened.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ready, I am ready for the best that God has for me. There is a big world. But that is o.k. because as long as the Lord is with me I am ready. Yes ready to prosper, ready to increase. Yes I am ready for rich and fulfilling relationships. I am ready for a big home and an office to do my work. Yep, i am ready!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thank You Father

There are moments throughout the day when I just have to briefly pause and say, "Thank you Father." I feel it in my bones you know. I just want to thank God for just this very moment. I know I would never be where I am if it were not for the grace of God. That is why I pause and say, "Thank you Father." Some of you readers I know you know what I'm talking about. I am so thankful because I know I am only breathing now because of God. So when you get a moment, just a brief moment...give thanks to God!

A New Place In My World

I write the title as it is because it is as is. What I mean is, is that we have a world view of ourselves usually based on the place others have placed us in the world. For me this is a new place in the world, my world. I don't have to accept the worldview of others in relation to me, rather I choose where I fit and how much value I have.
I am in a good place right now. I am in a loving place right now. I am loved and I love, so what is more needed than that? I encourage you to find your place in your world, set your stake and dwell there unwaveringly. Find that love that flows from within and drink of that cup and you will experience the true love that does not fail. This is where I am and where I will remain. Yeah, this is my world.