Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can you see the spider?

Can you see the spider? I took this picture a good while ago and when I looked I almost missed the spider that was the purpose of the photo. How many times do we tend to loose focus of the direction we are going in our life? After we settle down and reflect on our lives we often fail to see why we have our attention where it is. That's why it is to our best interest to set short term goals that can be easily measured within a given time frame. Then, if you are off your path you can refocus yourself and get back on track. I have learned that it's a good idea to keep your spider in focus. If not, it might come back to bite you later.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cut It Off

Funny how we invite people into our lives and then when they do things that are not helping but rather harming us we get upset. Why? we are the ones who let them in our lives. Sometimes these people do the same things over and over and over, and each time we forgive them and it happens again and again. Well I am tired of the drama. Life is too short for drama. My advice for you is to cut these people off. At least that's what I'm doing. I have to release myself from anything and anyone who may be hindering my growth in any area of my life.

This cutting people off is not easy. We grow emotionally attached to people and it's difficult to let go. Now one thing is true, I can't blame anyone but myself. You can't blame anyone but yourself because we were the ones who gave those people the opportunity to do to us what they did and continually do. So, no, we can't point the finger at them, after all they were just being themselves. They were just doing what they do. Judas betrayed Jesus but Jesus chose Judas. If we choose people to be in our life, our space and spend our time, we must accept all that comes without complaint because we already knew what was or had the potential to come.We can't blame people for being who they are and we certainly can't change people.The best thing we can do is recognize whether the relationship is a healthy relationship where both parties win and enjoy each other. If you are not happy but the other party doesn't have a problem being an idiot, then you have an unbalanced relationship. We become the idiot for giving the person the opportunity to stress us out, again! Cut off the relationship because it's only causing you stress which will effect other areas of your life.

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So I write this blog talking to myself and hoping I have the strength to cut these unhealthy relationships off. The sooner the better. Yes, easier said than done, but it must be done.