Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finding you

It is an amazing thing try to find yourself. Most people don't know they are lost. I would say you are lost if you have no idea of why you are on the earth. If you don't know your gifts. If you don't know how you fit in the world you are lost. Sad to say many Christians I know have a relationship with God but are lost in the sense that they have not found their place in the world. How do you find you? Easier said than done because most of us are so bombarded with so many voices and opinions that we can't hear nor see what the lord is done and doing in our life. It's only the grace and mercy of God that comes and snatches the scales from our eyes, brings us to our senses and returns our reasoning. Then we can see clearly our purpose and how we fit. We then have found us. You will have found yourself. Once you found you, you live you. You live out your purpose everyday. Then you are sure it's the long awaited you. This is the place you have searched all your life. This is the real you.

Coach Henry

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