Thursday, December 15, 2011


I look at the sky in the early hours. The awesome sun peeking through the clouds, so close yet so far. I look intently because within me I realize that just as the sun rises so shall I. This is powerful to think about because the sun does this every day faithfully. Each day new and fresh with possibilities, faith and promises. If you are oppressed, mistreated, lonely or outcast from society, be at peace and begin to rejoice because the pattern of the sun embeds a message. The message is that no matter what you are going through it does not have to be forever. The sun will go down on the deep inner pain and turmoil and it can arise to love and peace. In fact if you have faith and action you will be able to mimic the sun. You will be able to arise. If you can receive this, you can arise this very moment as you read this blog. It all starts in the unseen realm of the inward person. Just see yourself arising out of your dark night and you will, in time, arise like the sun.
-Coach Henry

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