Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not Enough

You ever do many things but when you reflect on all you have done you come to the conclusion that you have not done enough? That is how I feel right at this moment. It's a good thing I am wise enough to not put too much thought to these feelings. I know that feelings can be deceptive and many times are not a good judgement tool of our worth or success. So what do I do with these feelings that tell me I am not doing enough? Ask if they are true. Then begin to look at the good impact I have had in the lives of people. Then give thanks to God for the ability and resources thatwere available for me to do the good I have done. Then continue to do good. Look for and create opportunities to do good. Last, smile and give thanks to God for another day of life to be about the business of doing good. When all is said and done, when the curtain closes, at the end of the day I learn that I have done more than I expected. So feelings say not enough but facts say I have done more than enough.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love: It's A Beautiful Thing

Love is a beautiful thing. Love can carry you through some very difficult times in your life. Love can break the chains of bondage off your thinking. Love can cause a person to achieve greatness in the face of some very difficult circumstances. Love is a beautiful thing.

If you feel lonely and unloved. The key is to go out and find someone to love. Love itself is not characterized by feeling, but rather action. Go feed the hungry, clothe the naked. Go visit the sick or those in prison. This is what love looks like in action. Love without action is like clouds without rain during a drought. My encouragement is that if you feel lonely, go love someone. Watch as your lonely feelings disappear and your heart of love begin to swell with joy. Yes, love is a beautiful thing.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What am I to do about it?

I was on a walk getting my workout on as I usually do every morning when I ran across this sign in the ground. I was so moved by it I had to take a picture of it. I wondered who wrote it? What is their life like? How did it come to such a dire situation for them? It's funny how some people are so quick to judge but never ask these questions. For in these question we have the potential to undertand. Understanding can lead to compassion and compassion to action. This is a greater road traveled then being judgemental and saying, "go get a job." This type of reponse stems from ignorance and fear. would you hire that person? Would you let them wash your windows of your car? Would you let them pump your gas? Have you let them? If not, there is the problem. If they can't even get hired to pump your gas how are they to get a job somewhere else? What am I to do about it? Ask questions, understand and take action. You will be blessed and so will they.