Thursday, September 29, 2011

Henry Camphor: Does It Ever Get Any Better? (Poem)

Does it ever get any better? Does the light ever shine at the beginning of the tunnel? Does the cookie never crumble? Does the s__t ever not hit the fan? Does the ball ever bounce the other way? I wonder about things, you know, life. I hear all the negative, all the bad, all the weak, all the sad. Does it ever get any better? Why is it that people are more open to hear gossip and lies then truth? Why is it that to share good news is not as exciting as sharing bad news? Why does it seem that many people want to hurt rather than heal, hate as opposed to love and destroy instead of build? Does it ever get any better? Should we not treat others as we want to be treated? Wouldn't it be nice to consider someone else and their well being as opposed to the self centered attitudes we tend to find today? Can I love others without being hated for doing so? Can I share my life without being looked at in a negative way? Why do people not speak when they pass someone on the street? Why do people see the pain of another and decide to make their pain more painful? If we were an immigrant would we not want to be accepted? Don't all of us want to be accepted? Don't we all want to be loved, embraced and respected? Does it ever get any better? Is it the blind leading the blind? Is it the strong kicking the weak where the sun don't shine? Will the kite fly without the wind? Can a man enter heaven laced with sin? Can a song be sang without the voice? How then can we be a nation without compassion? Where have we gone wrong? How wrong have we gone? Wealth and riches, have led us astray. Power and prestige have derailed our train. Righteous and justice, peace and truth have been laid to rest. Seems we have flunked and failed our finals test. Funny it doesn't matter if you do your best, cause it doesn't get much better than this.

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  1. I love this poem so much I thought I'd comment myself. I wrote this to release my heart. After hearing about the Alabama Immigration laws that have went into effect. It is so sad. No compassion. I also wrote it in response to the evictions that are happening in Oakland. At a time when people are struggling. I would assume there are other underlying reasons within myself that contributed to this work as well. But at all cost the question still stands. Does it ever get better than this?