Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not Enough

You ever do many things but when you reflect on all you have done you come to the conclusion that you have not done enough? That is how I feel right at this moment. It's a good thing I am wise enough to not put too much thought to these feelings. I know that feelings can be deceptive and many times are not a good judgement tool of our worth or success. So what do I do with these feelings that tell me I am not doing enough? Ask if they are true. Then begin to look at the good impact I have had in the lives of people. Then give thanks to God for the ability and resources thatwere available for me to do the good I have done. Then continue to do good. Look for and create opportunities to do good. Last, smile and give thanks to God for another day of life to be about the business of doing good. When all is said and done, when the curtain closes, at the end of the day I learn that I have done more than I expected. So feelings say not enough but facts say I have done more than enough.

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