Thursday, November 17, 2011

Henry Camphor: Changing the World One Thought at at Time

I often wondered how I am going to make a huge difference in the world. How am I going to change the world? Where will I begin? After all, there are many needs in the world all around on every side. Crazy thing about it is if I were to just look at my own life, heck I have needs myself. It is easy to get so consumed with our own needs that we forget that other people are experiencing some sort of need themselves. If we consider this fact it will keep us from getting into a pity party of how terrible our life is and how much we have failed and come short it this life. We can begin to realize that we are not alone.

We Need Each Other

I learned that in order to change the world I needed to change my thinking. My thoughts of how I am going to change the world gave way to how are we going to change the world. There is a difference in me trying to change the world for the better and teaming up with others to do the work. Also the moment I began to shift from being consumed with trying to meet my own needs to thinking of how I am gifted to meet the needs of others, then I found that my needs were actually being met. With this my conclusion was that I need others and others need me. Community is really about us and not just me. I can make a difference in the world on a greater scale when I partner with others who have the same desire.

The scope of this subject goes to the point that in changing the world, it is done one thought at a time. Starting with my own thoughts. Thoughts of team work and partnership as opposed to me, myself and I. The lesson learned is I need you and you need me and together we can change the world one thought at a time.

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