Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Henry Camphor: Try and Try Again

If you have not had much success in life don't give up but try and then try again and again and again. many people stop short of victory. They don't continue on because they give up due to negative thinking or perceptions of others. Seems as if most people have opinions about everything and everybody. The best thing to do is remember that fact and make your own decisions. If you make a decision that turns out to not be the best one. Don't beat yourself up, make a better decision next time. Then try and try again.

I have been trying and trying. I've been able to get so far and then there is a blockage. I must keep going. Keep on keeping on. I will not give up, or give in. Fight I will, try and then I will try again until I hit victory. So my advice and encouragement for you is, try and try again.

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